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Little Actions Matter

In the spirit of activating the weeks between National Reconciliation Week (27 May – June 3) and NAIDOC Week (7-14 July) my Friday Reflections will continue to draw attention to our relationships together on this land.

The first thing I will do is attempt to mash together the themes. “Now More Than Ever” (NRW) we need to “Keep The Fire Burning!” (NAIDOC)

Now more than ever we need to keep the fire burning by keeping attention on our relationships, our challenges, our opportunities, and our hopes for the future.

Now more than ever we need to keep the fire burning because while some of us have been able to make the most of our current situation in terms of wealth, health, success, and opportunity, there are many others who are struggling and suffering.

Now more than ever we need to keep the fire burning because we need to address our challenges together. Some of the work can only be done by First Nations, some can be done by allies, some by those who hold formal power, and some of the work is done by ordinary people in everyday actions.

In leadership development we talk about the importance of individual discipline in little things makes a difference in our collective behaviour. We see this in many things impacting our society. And we see this in our national narrative about our relationships as the oldest continuous living cultures on earth and every living culture on earth here together in Australia.

To keep the fire burning, now more than ever we should pay attention to our little actions. Our little actions help to make our habits and shape how we relate to the world around us. Our little actions confirm our beliefs and affirm our attitudes.

I encourage and challenge you to take stock of your little actions that confirm your beliefs and affirm your attitudes about our relationships together in Australia. Are we digging in deeper or doubling down on beliefs and attitudes that keep us apart? Or are we practicing habits to remain open, flexible, curious, and bold in our beliefs and attitudes with each other.

Today I am honoured to be part of a gathering called “Black Bold Brothers: Let’s Be the Change Changing the Narrative Together”. It is gathering about reclaiming our pride and sharing stories of resilience and hope to inspire each other and the community that we can be the change we want to see in the world as Black Bold Brothers. In the gathering today we will be talking about our little actions we can take to change our beliefs and improve our attitudes to become more powerful forces for positive change.

Now more than ever to keep the fire burning, I encourage you to think about your little actions. Take stock of your actions, take heart that your actions matter, and take hope that many others like you are seeking to make positive change in the world.

Be encouraged and encourage others.