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Acknowledgement of Country – a wedding & Matariki blessing

Last week, Mark and I created a joint instagram account @markandmaryann.create to weave together our digital presence.

The goal is create a stress-free, gentle and peaceful process for us to show up authentically online. Since many of our projects and values align and overlap, we are taking the option to share all or most of our work together in one place.

We’re combing Mark’s Friday reflections, my weaving projects, including One Billion Stars, to bring you current content that is relevent to our work in leadership and the arts. We have some very exciting news to announce soon, so keep an eye out as we will be sharing that news on our instagram page and here in our articles.

But first, we are sharing some significant life events that happened last week.

On Thursday 27 June, we witnessed a sacred commitment of marriage between Moale James and James Proud. Beginning as high school sweethearts, Moale and James now begin their life together as a married couple. Moale is the eldest daughter of long time friend, and chosen sister, Ranu James and husband Mark James. Ranu is a PNG/Australian cultural educator, weaver and creative and co manager of the Brisbane based Pacific Women’s Weaving Circle.

Friday 28 June was Matariki, the Māori celebration of the New Year which begins with the sighting of the seven bright stars that make up the Paleides cluster, usually in Winter. Communities in Aotearoa NZ, Australia and across the world, celebrate Matariki as a time for renewal and new beginnings, a time to reflect and remember loved ones who have passed. For some of us, we believe our loved ones are now part of the constellations and our part of our navigating stars. You can learn more about Matariki here

On Saturday 29 June, Bayside Outrigger Canoe Club did their annual Matariki paddle before sunrise. 

On both occasions – Moale and James wedding and BaysideOCC’s Matariki paddle, Mark was invited to play the Yidaki (didgeridoo). You can see a video of Mark playing for Matariki paddle at @markandmaryann.create and @baysideocc instagram.

For BaysideOCC, the yidaki helped to weave together all the elements – Yidaki (earth), waka / va’a (water), Matariki (stars and skies), BaysideOCC (community & culture), food / kai (fire).

For Moale and James wedding, Mark played the Yidaki while I read a wedding blessing by Mark. It was an acknowledgement of community relations and an acknowledgement of country, as only Mark can create.

Here is the wedding blessing written by Mark, also known affectionately as Uncle Mark YP, for Moale and James for you to enjoy.


A Wedding Blessing for Moale James and James Proud.

Today we honour you and your love and commitment together.

We honour your friends and families who share in your story today. May our ancestors join together with yours to embrace you, watch over you, and guide you. May you always feel their connection.

May your life together be grounded & secure. May you always feel deep connection and belonging to the land and to each other.

May your life together be guided by the stars. May you always find a way through in life and your way back home together.

Today, we celebrate your love.

Be grounded in the land, guided by the stars and always connected to your ancestors.

Today, we celebrate your love.

Written by uncle Mark Yettica-Paulson