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The Intercultural Framework. Designed and created by Mark Yettica-Paulson
Intercultural Framework by Mark Yettica-Paulson 2021

This Intercultural Framework was developed by

Mark Yettica-Paulson to help individuals and communities navigate and be more intentional about cultures working together.

This Framework is currently being used by PoplabsMahana Culture and Surrender.

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A snapshot of the Intercultural Framework by Mark Yettica-Paulson.

The Deep Purple Space is for our deep cultural memory. It is where we draw our deep sense of belonging. It is where our mental models of the world, our beliefs and values originate. This is the space where we justify our place in the world and our ways of relating to others.

The Blue Space is for cultural practice and participation. It is where we perform activities that strengthen our sense of belonging and deepen our identity. This space is where we actively, and sometimes intentionally, live out our cultural activities either in lifestyle activities, festivals, ceremonies or commemorations.

The Red Space is a teaching space. It is where we take on the posture of a teacher or a learner and often both. We either face across the Ochre Riverbed and teach others about our cultural ways or we face towards the Brown Background to teach our own peoples.

The Yellow Space is for pragmatic collaboration. It is where energy and activity is focused on immediate practical solutions in working side- by-side in collaborations. This space relies on existing knowledge and relationships to work through current barriers to achieve more immediate outcomes.

The Green space is for Innovation in collaboration for cultures. It is where a new way forward is developed. In most cases it will be a hybrid form of existing knowledges, but can also represent a break-through paradigm shift.

The Light Purple background is for culture awareness, signifying an awareness of us and others. It is where we assess the risk/ reward and threat/opportunity dynamics of working with others.

The Ochre Riverbed is where the cultures meet. It is the common or shared space. It is where pragmatic and innovative collaboration happens.

Intercultural Framework by Mark Yettica-Paulson Chief @ Super Native Unlimited

© Mark Yettica-Paulson, SNU Group 2020