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Mark's recommended reading

Mark’s 2 Min Guide to understanding National Reconciliation Week. May 27 – June 3.

Plus a PDF version to print & share below.

Five Things You Need to Know:

1. National Reconciliation Week is not the same as NAIDOC Week. Reconciliation Week (27 May – 3rd June) focuses on our stories together. NAIDOC Week (1st Sunday in July – 2nd Sunday in July) focuses on the celebrations of First Nations.

2. Reconciliation Week starts on 27th of May that remembers the 1967 Referendum. It remains our most unifying moment as a nation with a 90% YES vote. Check out RIGHT WRONGS. You might also like this episode of Behind the News.

3. Reconciliation Week ends on 3rd of June that remembers the High Court decision on Mabo. It remains a game changer in terms of land law and understanding settlement. Check out REMEMBERING EDDIE MABO. You might also like these episodes from Behind The News and Living Black.

4. Reconciliation is OUR IDENTITY STORY – it should invite and involve all of us to reflect on our belonging together on this land: descendants of the First Nations, descendants of the First Fleet and all the rest of us.

5. There’s a lot of information out there – ask your local council, schools or community organisations about what they are doing. My tip is go to Reconciliation Australia first, then see Australians Together and ANTaR.

I hope this helps you to navigate Reconciliation Week and make sense of why we all need to remember the dates 27th of May and 3rd of June. If you want to read and learn more, see my reading list above.

Please share, forward our blog post to your colleagues and communities or Download this pdf to print:


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