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The Intercultural Framework. Designed and created by Mark Yettica-Paulson

Connecting the Spaces with Tracks. Intercultural Framework.

The “Tracks” between each space within the Intercultural Framework are just as important.

These black and white “tracks” show us that WE EACH start and journey from a Deep Purple Space of deep cultural memory to the next spaces of practice, teaching, pragmatics and innovation. The tracks allow for movement (backwards, forward, sideways) when we need and progression in our dialogue and action forward.

Some of us will be able to identify which space we predominantly exist in while others will recognise that there is more than one or that it differs entirely to our original understanding of the space we practise in.

Here is an explanation of the purpose and movement of the tracks:

This Intercultural Framework was designed and developed by Mark Yettica-Paulson for communities, organisations and individuals to help navigate and develop meaningful insights into working across

First Nations Australian and multicultural Australia communities.

The Intercultural Framework artwork and strategies are currently being used by the Custodianship Program, Australia Council for the Arts, Australians Together, Deep Collaboration (Collaboration for Impact) and here at SNU Group.

For more enquiries about the ICF, contact Mark Yettica-Paulson.


Mark Yettica-Paulson