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Green Innovation Space. ICF. Mark Yettica-Paulson

Green Innovation Space. Intercultural Framework.

“In the Green Innovation Space, we create hybrid solutions, we innovate and we focus on WHY. Working interculturally can provide the opportunity to develop ideas that don’t belong to one culture alone, but is bringing together something greater for all of us to share in.”

Hybrid solutions in the Green Space

  • Working inter-culturally can provide the opportunity to develop ideas that don’t belong to one culture alone, but is a bringing together to share in something greater.
  • The hybrid nature means that it is shared in origin and expression. It also means that ownership and custodianship is negotiated and shared.
  • Negotiating hybrid solutions, ideas and ways of working together requires cultures to work through power dynamics and continuously build more trust in communication.

Innovation in the Green Space

  • In this space there is a drive to look beyond our current existing paradigms to explore new ways of working and improved arrangements in sharing power.
  • Sometimes this type of innovation requires traveling back along the tracks to our cultural practices and deep cultural memory for wisdom to deal with contemporary contexts.
  • Here we are encouraged to look to future scenarios and identify our collective work to get there.

Focus on Why in the Green Space

  • In the Green Space, the focus is on the future orientation of the generations to come. It is our jointly articulated and shared desire for our future.
  • Often in this space, there is a fundamental discontent with the current status quo. Some of us would argue that the current status quo in relationships between First Nations and other Australians is already unacceptable and should be classified as untenable.
  • In this space we acknowledge that we have inherited legacies that we honour, keep and challenge, and recognise that we are passing on knowledge to the generations that will follow us. Our world is more connected, interconnected and intersectional than previous generations could comprehend. The next generations will take us beyond our imaginations. Our future requires creative hybrid innovation from coined cultural collaboration to explore how we can sustain all of our cultures.

To complete the Intercultural Framework, learn next about the tracks that connect all the spaces and how we can move, learn and grow in our own cultures and values others at the same time.

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Mark Yettica-Paulson