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Yellow Pragmatic Space. ICF. Mark Yettica-Paulson

Yellow Pragmatic Space. Intercultural Framework.

“In the Yellow Pragmatic Space, we have to free ourselves from the pressure to never get it wrong and focus more on what it takes to make it right together.

Get things done in the Yellow Space

  • Human Beings are also Human Doings – we work, we construct, we collaborate, we create, we compete, we achieve – we get things done. All cultures through the generations have the systems to regulate natural human tensions of work, rest and fun.
  • Meeting in the riverbed in a yellow space is focused on getting things done. We need to have enough knowledge of each other and enough respect for each other that we can work side by side to achieve together.
  • We will make mistakes, but our desire to partner and achieve together what we couldn’t achieve alone helps us to build trust to work through our mistakes.

Work existing paradigms in the Yellow Space

  • With our focus on outcomes and achievements we will need to work within existing paradigms. Whether our goal is to strengthen the existing structures or to make change, we will still need to build momentum from our starting points in our current contexts.
  • To work together we will need to cultivate shared language, understanding, experiences and memories. Our stories won’t just come from our side of the riverbed, they will be shared by our practical work and all the awesome wins and epic fails we perform together.
  • We will need to be aware and pay close attention to dynamics of power. We will need to develop skills in noticing who has it and how are they using it. But we will also have to work together to become more aware of our own power we carry with us into the pragmatic space together.

Focus on How in the Yellow Space

  • In this space the purpose and intention is focused HOW. Here is where we find the questions, “how do we do this, what are the meaningful steps we can take together, what do you need from me?” and so on.
  • In this space we will find a clash of expertise and experience mixed with cultural knowledge and ranging abilities to communicate. It can feel like a wild and crazy dance floor as we try to figure out each other’s moves, get our rhythm and flow together while trying not to knock each other out.

In the context of working interculturally with First Nations and other Australians we have to free ourselves from the pressure to never get it wrong and focus more on what it takes to make it right together.

Next is the Green Innovation Space.

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Mark Yettica-Paulson