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Super Native Unlimited's Aboriginal Love Heart design by Mark Yettica-Paulson

Heartened by the news of the Aboriginal Flag symbol.

A Symbol for the People

In the lead up to the 50 year anniversary of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy, the flag symbol adopted by the peoples, has been released from commercial entanglement.

The copyright for the symbol known as the Aboriginal flag now rests with the Commonwealth of Australia.

More details are coming to light regarding the confirmed deal between the Commonwealth, the copyright holders and other licence holders.

Leadership in action

We are all indebted to those who campaigned for the matter to be resolved.

We acknowledge the work and leadership done by ,Clothing The Gap and many others.

Their efforts in raising the issue, raising awareness and raising the heat so that something would be done, has carried us all.

We also acknowledge the work of those in negotiations who have been able to strike a deal that opens up access to the symbol.

In our current times, we need leadership like this that holds the radical edge of our issues to be resolved. This is the leadership that brings forward the necessary disruption for change.

Equally, we need leadership that holds a measured negotiation of power to bring about ways forward. This is the leadership that walks the tightrope of collaboration and collusion to help fight for what is important and discerns when and where to concede.

Love – A Way forward

Aboriginal Love Heart tees, designed by SNU Chief, Mark Yettica-Paulson.

At Super Native Unlimited, we were impacted by the commercial use of the Aboriginal Flag symbol.

We decided to cease production of our much loved heart insignia while the copyright and licensing issues were being sorted.

We are heartened that today’s news of copyright resolution means our most popular design can now be available for the public to purchase and wear with pride and solidarity.

At Super Native Unlimited, we believe that these times call for love. The kind of love that heals, listens, seeks understanding and is patient enough to allow change.

It should be a love that compels us to set things right in our surrounding environment of people and the land.

It should be love that enables us to stand in solidarity with those who are most negatively impacted by the uncertainty and disruptions facing all of us.

It is love that allows us to believe that better is possible in our relationship between First Nations and all of us as Australians.

Celebrating 50 years of red, yellow & black

This January 26 marks 50 years since people gathered to protest the plight of First Nations people.

The symbol made famous in that moment will continue to be a symbol for the radical edge of disruption as well as a unifier of our land and the sun that we all share.

With the freedom for all to access the Aboriginal Flag now, it raises the importance of buying from First Nations businesses, suppliers and manufacturers.

Please be conscious of who you are supporting when you are buying this important symbol. We encourage you to open your heart to the Aboriginal Flag symbol and be open to where it can take us together.

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